‚Äč  …..President's Executive Order?   

    "I’m disappointed that President Obama has again chosen unilateral action rather than working with Congress”, states U. S. Representative Paul Cook    


The message in this last election was clear: the American people want the President and Congress to work together. This appears to have fallen on deaf ears with President Obama. He could have asked Congress to take up the issue of immigration during the ‘lame duck’ session, or he could have waited until January when the new Congress was sworn in, placing the burden on Republicans to act. The President should do what the American people want and work with Congress to strengthen our borders, rather than violating the Constitution with an illegal executive order.

“In 2011, the President himself stated that the Constitution doesn’t give him the authority to declare amnesty unilaterally, so I’m dismayed that he’s reversed himself. His action is a slap in the face to every immigrant who followed the rules. I’m also concerned that his actions effectively grant amnesty to a group of people that could contain members who pose a threat to national security. This is a serious concern. 

“This is also a huge blow to working-class Americans. Legalizing millions of new workers through amnesty will create even more competition for American workers, many of whom are already struggling to find jobs. Immigrants who don’t find work will only place further strain on our government once they become eligible for a whole range of government benefits and entitlements. The President claimed he wanted a comprehensive immigration solution, but this will do nothing to secure our border or protect our citizens. The American people deserve far better.”