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                               Big Bear Fire Chief JEFF WILLIS       18_27157.jpg     


  wants the residents of the Valley to be aware of the challenges facing the Big Bear Fire Authority (BBFA) as they continue to work to provide critical fire protection and emergency services for all the Big Bear Valley.

Without additional funding,  (BBFA) will need to make cuts to fire protection and emergency medical services, including:

· Closing a Fire Station 

· Reducing on-duty-daily staffing from 13-11 Firefighters/Paramedics

· The Fire Department will not have the ability to replace worn-out equipment


This puts the Big Bear Valley AT RISK when a medical emergency, fire, natural disaster or

other emergency strikes. 


The Big Bear FIRE AUTHORITY is one of the busiest rural mountain fire departments in the region, serving approximately 25,000 permanent residents.  Over the past four years, the department has experienced an increase of

13.32% in emergency and non-emergency incidents.  There is clear evidence that call volume will continue to increase at a rapid

rate for the foreseeable future. 


Last year, we responded to 4,535 incidents.  The firefighting and paramedic staff serving our community hasn’t increased in 15 years, even though the population, number, and type of emergency incidents have increased substantially.


With a growing demand for emergency services, a limited operating budget, and NO funding help from the State or County, it has become challenging to serve Big Bear Valley’s increasing demand for emergency medical response, fire protection, and seasonal readiness, so we are prepared when an emergency strikes. 

 Big Bear Fire Chief JEFF WILLIS asks every resident to read the brochure (article below >  Big Bear Valley AT RISK .  Learn more about the proposed solution that the BBFA is recommending, based in part on the community’s input and the responsibility of the Fire Department to ensure adequate emergency medical service, fire protection, and community risk reduction services for the future.  This information is also available on the Big Bear Fire Department website at