Assembly Budget Committee

Vice-Chair Obernolte 


Sacramento, California - Assembly Budget Committee Vice-Chair Jay Obernolte (R – Hesperia) Wednesday June 15th, issued the following statement after the passage of the 2016-17 State Budget:

Assembly Republicans are pleased that this budget expands California’s investment in education while putting aside an additional $2 billion in the Rainy Day Fund. Unfortunately, the Democrats’ budget proposal also includes record-high spending which will lead our state into substantial deficits in the future, and fails to address unfunded liabilities that will cost us billions.  It is also disappointing that the budget virtually ignores new investments to repair our crumbling transportation infrastructure.”

“This budget commits California to significant new ongoing spending and unsustainable higher expenditure levels that will inevitably trigger another budget crisis. The Department of Finance estimates that at these spending levels the State will face a budget deficit of $4 billion by fiscal year 2019-2020, and that should even a mild recession occur, the deficit would swell to $43 billion in that year.  Californians deserve a responsible budget that balanced- both now and in the future.”