"Think Nature" Campaign



Southern California Mountains Foundation

Connects Communities with Efforts to Protect Public Lands



San Bernardino, California, March 21, 2017____   

Southern California Mountains Foundation (SCMF), a nonprofit conservation and education organization, announced the launch of #Think Nature, a unique membership campaign focused on raising awareness and funds to support the mission of connecting communities to their public lands and protecting these natural spaces for future generations to enjoy.   

Since 1992, the Mountains Foundation has worked to inspire and engage individuals from all walks of life in environmental citizenship.  Stacy Gorin, Executive Officer, Southern California Mountains Foundation states, “We believe that connecting communities to our public lands is key to their survival.  Through the Southern California Mountains Foundation’s, six programs and an army of volunteers, we work to steward the places you love to play.”   

Over the past 30 years, use of national forests has increased while funding has dramatically declined.  The San Bernardino Mountains are literally being loved to death.  The San Bernardino Mountains are surrounded by a metropolitan area with over 25 million people that love to connect to nature in a multitude of different ways; skiing, camping, hiking, biking, fishing, rock climbing, sightseeing and off-roading.   

“When I think of nature, all of these activities and places in the San Bernardino Mountains come to mind.” says Gorin. “The Southern California Mountains Foundation works tirelessly to maintain and protect public lands and access to these amazing natural spaces.   

 Last year alone the Mountains Foundation planted over 500 seedlings, coordinated over 70,000 volunteer service hours, extinguished 277 fire rings, removed 30 tons of waste tires from public lands and employed 110 disadvantaged youth to complete meaningful conservation projects.”

“I’m thrilled to be launching #Think Nature membership Campaign, with our creative partners at 51by1, a global marketing/management consulting firm, to bring awareness and support to the multiple benefits our organization provides to public lands and surrounding communities.” states Gorin, Executive Officer, Southern California Mountains Foundation.

“Support from individuals who visit, live or recreate in the Mountains is needed now, more than ever with constant threats of budget cuts and a reduced focus on the importance that our natural spaces have on our everyday health and quality of life.”                                                         

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