Winter 2017-2018  



First of all, Bear Valley Unified School District would like to thank all of the media for their support in reporting school closures for our School District. Being in a Mountain Community, it is very helpful to us when our school closure information is reported by network media.

As a reminder, Bear Valley Unified School District is not part of Rim of the World School District. We are in the same San Bernardino Mountain Range; however, we are two separate districts. Quite often it happens that Rim of the World School District will close school for inclement weather, when it is not necessary for Bear Valley to close. Rim of the World has very different road conditions and typically receives more snowfall then Big Bear Valley. You can imagine the confusion when it is announced that Bear Valley Unified School District is closed simply because Rim of the World closed.

The decision to close school for inclement weather in Bear Valley Unified School District is determined by the Superintendent of Schools no later than 5:00 A.M.


The Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Ms. Shelley Black, will send an e-mail to all media sources by 5:30 A.M.

Once again, we sincerely appreciate all the efforts of the media in reporting the information regarding school closure for inclement weather in the Bear Valley Unified School District.