Passage of 2017-18 State Budget



Thursday June 15, 2017 in Sacramento – Senator Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga) issued the following statement in response to legislative Democrats’ passage of the 2017-18 state budget:

“Sacramento Democrats’ record-spending budget reflects their brazen willingness to exercise unrestrained Power over the People of California.    Cobbled together in secret with hardly any public input, provisions in this budget upend over one hundred years of legal precedent empowering the people to hold their representatives accountable through the recall process.

“The State Budget also erodes taxpayer protections by effectively dismantling the Board of Equalization, making unelected bureaucrats judge, jury, and executioner in determining the fate of businesses and individuals appealing their tax bills.

Instead of advocating for taxpayers, this is a sham seeking more revenue for the state off the backs of hardworking Californians.

“As always, there are things to both like and dislike in the budget. It is prudent to continue building our state’s rainy day fund, but at the same time, this budget spends $1.5 billion of our money in new gas and car taxes, another $1.1 billion on high-speed rail, and provides over $600 million in raises to public employee unions, already the highest paid in the nation. For these and several other reasons, I could not support it.

“I also recognize that the Inland Empire needs more judges and this budget provides two more each in both Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

But as has become typical in the budget process, Democratic leaders strategically placed this important provision in a Bill, that also significantly erodes our Second Amendment rights – an issue having nothing to do with the budget. It was because of this fact that, regrettably, I was a ‘no’ vote.”!!

Senator Mike Morrell