NO SCHOOL!! January 19th

** * SNOW DAY * **


THURSDAY       5:39 A.M.  

ALL SCHOOLS in the Bear Valley communities are CLOSED due to snow conditions. 

The SNOW DAY Closure includes the following schools:    

Big Bear Elementary School 

Baldwin Lane Elementary 

North Shore Elementary School 

Big Bear Middle School 

Big Bear High School 

Chautauqua High School  

At this time, 5:39 A.M., the elementary school in Forest Falls, Fallsvale Elementary School, will remain open. 

This closure is due to the snow and road conditions and is called for the safety of the students and staff.  The Bear Valley Unified School District has taken into consideration the projections of snowfall through-out the day.  

The School District’s decision to close the schools is made on a day-by-day basis, close watch of conditions and weather reports.  Should it be necessary to close the Bear Valley Schools on future days, the Media (, BigBearLake NewsRoom) will receive new notifications. 

For more information or verification visit the Bear Valley Unified School District website