​ Hallowed Halloween 

In the VALLEY !     


At the Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest, Assemblyman Jay Obernolte and Senator Michael Morrell vigorously sawing 

away at the Log-sawing Contest. Cheering them on notice Annette Karnes next to Obernolte and Michael Beveridge. 


E T Russell

In Big Bear Valley Okterberfest and Halloween have become synonymous with special events for both residents as well as visitors to the mountain community. For thousands of ‘non-local’ attendees from as far away as Germany, the Okterberfest at the Convention Center at Big Bear Lake is an annual destination.  

 Rated as #1 Okterberfest in Southern California, the 45th Annual Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest has hosted many, to the delightful German entrees, log sawing, polka dancing, and unlimited celebrations of the beautiful Fall season that the foliage and mountain environment naturally provides to everyone who wishes to partake.  


 LEFT - The Happy Bear is a familiar resident of Big Bear Valley. Can you identify the bear?

RIGHT - The home of the Oktoberfest, the Convention Center at Big Bear Lake is festively decorated for the annual event.  

Halloween in the Village of Big Bear Lake is always a huge attraction for adults as well as the children. Often I have noticed photographers out getting their shots of the Autumn red and yellow colors that line Pine Knot Avenue and Village Drive. It’s really a fun experience to slowly cruise the Village and see all the scarecrow creations that merchants have so cleverly been displayed. Costumed ghosts and goblins will begin walking door-to-door, late Saturday afternoon while prepared for another chilly celebration when shops and vendors welcome Trick or Treaters.

At all of these events and others through-out the year, please be security conscious. Security services are provided but it is parent’s responsibility to keep watch over their children.

Have an enjoyable HAPPY HALLOWEEN!