Sudie Smartt Appointed


Thursday February 2, 2017, during the Bear Valley Unified School District Meeting, the Governing Board appointed Ms. Sudie Smartt, by a unanimous roll call vote, as a Governing Board Member effective February 1, 2017. Smartt will fulfill the seat previously held by Board Member Paul Zamoyta.   

Sudie Smartt, a resident of Big Bear Valley for more than 20 years has one daughter, a graduate of Big Bear High School and a son a graduate of Chautauqua High School. Recently retiring as an educator at Big Bear Elementary School for 19 years, Smartt participated in many different site committees and curriculum development. 

Sudie Smartt believes by affecting the education of students, we directly impact their future!

 She is looking forward to continuing her work on the front-lines of education, by her serving on the Governing Board. Smartt’s BVUSD Board member term is February 1, 2017 through November, 2018. 

On behalf of the Governing Board and Administration of the, please join in welcoming Sudie Smartt to the Bear Valley Unified School District Governing Board

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Dr. Mary Suzuki, Superintendent of Schools

 BVUSD Board of Trustees 

Dr. Stephen Foulkes

Mr. John Goepp

Mrs. Beverly Grabe

Mrs. Cathy Herrick

Ms. Sudie Smartt