‚ÄčGoing to the Mountains  for Super Bowl Sunday?  

  California Transportation Department - Caltrans District 8 asks  

* * *  “SNOW SNOW SNOW... Got Chains?” * * *  


___ E T Russell___ Everyone planning on a fun weekend boarding, skiing, playing with family and friends, should be prepared for Winter’s characteristics.  Temps have dropped late evening to dawn in the single digits, recently.

 Winter-time in the San Bernardino Mountains can change from one extreme to another within minutes. When packing for a play-day. Check off warm sweaters, water-proof ski wear, caps, scarfs and snow boots; be sure the tire chains are loaded into the vehicle that is driving to the mountains.

It’s the LAW! In SoCal all vehicles must carry tire-chains.  When roads are snowy and icy, Caltrans District 8 tells all motorists, chains are required on all vehicles except 4-Wheel-Drive vehicles with snowtires on all 4 wheels.  

The residents of the mountain communities are proud of the awesome beauty that travelers can view along the way, the beautiful roadside and nature’s pristine forests are everyone’s responsibility to keep it for their pleasure, as well as other visitors. The roadsides are not for trash! Keep candy and food wrappers inside the car until you stop at any of the many businesses that provide trash and recycle containers. The play areas and roadside parks are not for disposing of broken sleds, debris, etc.

Are you aware that when driving in blowing snow or rain the driver must turn ‘ON’ headlights when the windshield wipers are in operation?

The mountain’s resorts, restaurants, recreation areas, special events, businesses and residents, ask for your cooperation and respect for the unique opportunities of the San Bernardino Mountains.  

For a fun trip and safe experience, please take a few minutes to view this video:


 Welcome to the Winter Wonderland!