Senate Energy Committee Vice Chairman  


Sacramento,California ____ Senator Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga) Tuesday January 19, 2016, was appointed Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications.

“California’s energy sector is the most innovative in the world,” said Morrell. “While we welcome these technological changes, we cannot lose sight of the fact that families and businesses here still pay more for energy than in many other parts of the country. I look forward to continuing to serve on the Energy Committee and in this new capacity as Vice-Chair as we confront the challenges facing our state.”

Morrell recently wrote an op-ed regarding state energy mandates, published in the Daily Bulletin.  

Senator Morrell will also continue to serve as Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Public Employment and Retirement as well as, Morrell will retain his membership on the Senate Committee on Banking and Financial Institutions.


 Senator Mike Morrell