Senator Morrell represents the 23rd State Senate District, which covers portions of

Riverside, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties.

to Governor Brown's Proposed 2016-17 Budget 

Sacramento____ Senator Mike Morrell, R-Rancho Cucamonga, Thursday January 7th, issued  the following statement in response to Governor Jerry Brown's draft state budget proposal for 2016-17:

"What we have from the governor is another budget that grows government at record levels with taxpayer money while ignoring many of the real challenges facing our state. He and his Democrat colleagues continue to call for higher taxes, increasing the cost of gas and health care for California families, yet they refuse to use existing money to appropriately fund priorities like services for the developmentally disabled and our roads and highways. This is not an effective or efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

"The state treasurer recently estimated state and local government debt at $1.5 trillion. Our focus should be to ensure future generations are not stuck having to foot this bill rather than fuel more out-of-control spending in Sacramento, especially since many experts, including the governor, continue to caution that another recession could be just around the corner."