The State of California SENATE

Dear Californians! 
January 2017, Governor Brown released his State Budget proposal for 2017-2018 and delivered his State of the State Address… In recent years, the state of California has seen record-setting budgets. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for working Californians and small businesses. Their hard-earned money does not go as far as it should and with legislative Democrats proposing higher taxes to pay for more bureaucracy, it will mean that families can invest even less in their futures. More taxes will also discourage businesses from opening or expanding here, aggravating an already difficult economic situation.   

With the threat of another recession always looming around the corner, the focus needs to remain on growing our economy while continuing to pay down the hundreds of billions of dollars the state already owes in public pensions and other obligations. Absent major reforms, the debt situation is only going to get worse. Groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council peg our statewide unfunded liabilities at almost a trillion dollars.  

As budget talks get further underway, the Governor Brown needs to recognize that additional taxes would only magnify the challenges facing California. See more at:   

Coming up in February 2017, is the deadline to introduce legislation for the year. In December, I re-introduced legislation that aims to cut state government costs for Veterans seeking occupational licenses in California (SB 27) as well as a resolution urging Congress to pass Kate’s Law (SJR 4). I’ll keep you posted on our progress.   

As always, it is a privilege to represent you in the State Legislature.

LEFT:  “At last year’s Patriots of the Past, Present, & Future, It was my honor to recognize Marine Corporal Justin Crabbe as the 23rd Senate District Patriot of the Year’, acknowledged Morrell


RIGHT:  In 2016 Fall, students from around San Bernardino County participated in the 35th Annual Mock Trial competition; an opportunity for young people to develop better understandings of our legal system and the important role each of us plays in making it work and upholding our Constitutional Rights.  Senator Morrell commented, ‘The participants did a phenomenal job!