Public Assistance Requested



Sheriff Department – Big Bear Lake, 477 Summit Boulevard, Big Bear Lake

(909) 866-0100



March 22 2017

The San Bernardino County-Big Bear Sheriff continues to receive a high volume of reports of fraudulent credit card use. 

The Specialized Division of the Sheriff Department and financial institutions including banks and credit card companies is currently working to pinpoint the source of the fraud. Residents or anyone who may have recently visited the Big Bear Valley area and have been a victim of fraudulent charges on your bank or credit card, you are urged to contact the Big Bear Sheriff Station to make a report. Reported information greatly assists the investigation as leads are developed and suspects identified.   


Aids to assist with the Card Skimming Investigation:  


• Where have you recently used your bank/credit card in B Big Bear Valley?

• What type of card was compromised? (i.e., ATM card, debit + credit card, credit card only)

• Is there a PIN associated with your card?

• Was your card used to fraudulently withdraw money from an ATM? If so, where and what time?

• Was your card used to make an online purchase? If so, what business(es) were purchases made from? 

REPORT:  Credit/Debit Card Victims are also urged to report skimming incidents to their local law enforcement agency.  To report Fraud Incidents contact the

San Bernardino County -Big Bear Sheriff at (909) 866-0100.