Hospital Chief Executive Officer Recruitment 

  Special Board Meeting 


__ E T Russell __ As a matter of procedure after the resignation of CEO Raymond Hino Wednesday September 3, 2014, the Bear Valley Community Healthcare District Board of Directors immediately called a Special Business meeting.  Closed Session began at 5:15 P.M. Friday September 5th with all five directors, Barbara Espinoza, Dr. Chris Fagan, Donna Nicely, Sara Russ, Barbara Willey and CEO Ray Hino, present.

The two items of business presented were the recruitment of a CEO replacement and the department evaluation.  The result of the meeting is to post notices of the availability of the open position for an interim Chief Executive Officer. The BVCHD Board will immediately send application requests to the American College of Healthcare Executives. ACHE is an international professional association of healthcare executives.  

The 7:15 P.M. Open Session business at hand was, transferring all patient services from the Rural Health Clinic to the Brenda Boss Family Health Center. Among various issues at the Rural Health Clinic are the economic challenges and the opening of the Brenda Boss Family Health Center to consider the survival of the clinic that has become questionable.

Each of the Directors strongly expressed reasons that the clinic cannot continue to operate. With the financial loss continuing to increase and the patient visits decreasing a solution has to be made immediately. It’s estimated that the clinic is losing $100 per patient, per month. The loss of more than $20,000 in 2013 has determined a major decision has to be made as soon as possible. The Board members voted to close the clinic immediately and list the building for sale. Patient services will be directed to the Brenda Boss Family Health Center and the disposal of the Big Bear City location will be an item on the agenda at the next general board meeting.