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July 4th Evening, the Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake Club

 will dazzle 1000’s when the heavens above the San Bernardino Mountains,

offer a most incredible lighting performance. Classic Patriotic Music by DJ Joe Vonesh, ques the first-act of the July 4th Concert in the Sky. Every sparkle,

every formation and every thrill promises to be a one-of-a-kind! 

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 In celebration of 242nd Anniversary of American Independence!! 

The July 4th 2018 Fireworks Watchers will witness the Mulit-10 Show of gigantic, most built-up, biggest ever in the air above Big Bear Lake!  No one has ever seen this show before!  You’ve gotta see it to believe it! says Andy Shuhay.   

Did you claim your special front row seat among your Big Bear Valley friends and family for your breathing-in of Southern California’s Premier Fireworks Show that will take center/sky stage just after dark?  Late afternoon, the Rotary of Big Bear Lake’s 2018 Annual Best View Big Bear Valley,  vacation-destination The Marina Resort is located directly north of the Village of Big Bear Lake, at the Lake.

The FOOD is On!  Rotary BBQ Ticket-holders begin the 4th BBQ Extravaganza Experience with menu entrees: 

choice-sirloin hamburger, all-beef hot dog or barbecue chicken sandwich meals at $27 each. Then there's scrumptious half-rack of baby back rib meals for $34. For kids there’s child-sized hot dog measl for $20. Food service is from 4:30-7:30 P.M.   

The FUN is On, too!  There seems to be synchronized music to a menu of bounce houses,  give-aways and midway-style games for the kids at waters edge in a secured, fenced area right next to Big Bear Lake. Soak in breathtaking Big Bear Lake views , at the Marina's lakeside park to celebrate Independence Day at Rotary’s long-running July Fourth Barbecue and Fireworks Show. 

Reserved seating (at $50 each), features preferred viewing in a fenced area and chair seating that includes a choice of meals. VIP guests sit on Marina Resort’s beautiful outdoor deck overlooking the lake, with their meal served to them. The VIP $100 includes a commemorative blanket. The gates open at 12:00 Noon with the Hydration Station and Children's Activities opening by 2:00 P.M.

Adult guests (21 years of age/plus) can now enjoy the expanded the local lavations of Craft Beers and Fine Wines of Big Bear Lake Brewing Company and a Stone Summit Winery. 

Fireworks Watchers bring their own lawn chairs or spread a blanket to enjoy another great holiday at waters-edge! The Rotary’s Commemorative Holiday blankets are available for purchase, too.  

After dark, barbecue guests have a panoramic view of the Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake $70,000 show over the lake, a truly dazzling sight as each burst explodes in the air and illuminates the shimmering lake water below. Fireworks Watchers enjoy exclusive viewing of choreographed to the music of our own radio station, KBHR 93.3 FM narrated by station owner and our own City of Big Bear Lake Mayor Rick Herrick.  The never to be duplicated, spectacular pyrotechnics by professionally-trained expert Andy Suhay (trained by his father Skip Suhay), is a heart-felt gift of both the Suhays, for years.   

SEE: www.bigbearlake.net/etnews/fireworks-the-suhay-way-… the highlight of the evening skies.  Many, many boats dot the waters of Big Bear Lake, throughout Wednesday; which add to display of lights, seen from shore to shore.   

The mechanics, operations of the scientific pyrotechnics is a very delicate and sensitive process, that is most appreciated by the Rotary Club of Big Bear Lake Club team of men and women who work beside Suhay.  The barges are precisely constructed to design the special night of Fireworks Show over the Lake, for A ONE-TIME EVENT!     

The July 4th 2018 Event has been financially supported by the generosity of the people of Big Bear Valley.  For the Sponsors List, SEE:  http://www.bigbearlake.net/EPIC-Entertainment/A-Summer-Evening-in-Big-Bear-Lake-   

Rotary 2018 Barbecue and Fireworks Show Tickets are available at the Big Bear Visitors Bureau at (800) 4-BIG BEAR or www.bigbear.com  

By E T Russell

PHOTO CREDITS: Big Bear Today, KBHR, Cool Cabins, Big Bear Visitors Bureau and others unknown.