Vehicle stranded on Route 95 near the Arizona State Line



SAN BERNARDINO – Caltrans is providing some helpful tips to make your travels safer during monsoonal weather through the desert and mountain regions. Expect to encounter heavy rain, hail, thunder/lightening, and flash flooding, which have already resulted in unexpected road closures.

First, check the weather and traffic conditions before you leave. Watch local television or listen to local traffic on the radio. You may also use our helpful social media services provided below.

Always make sure your car is in good running condition before you drive long distances.

Check your tires, brakes, fluids, wiper blades, and always have a full tank of gas in case you encounter traffic delays and a gas station is inaccessible.

Bring plenty of water for everyone in your vehicle including snacks, required medications, a charged cell phone with car charger, blankets and sturdy shoes in the event that you may need them during an emergency.

If you encounter flash flooding or running water –

                                                                   TURN AROUND – DON’T DROWN!


Never exit your vehicle if you are stranded in running water.

Pay attention and follow any directions given by road signs or the overhead Changeable

Message Signs (CMS).

Follow any directions given to you by road work personnel, law enforcement, or emergency responders. 


For road information please go to the following websites:

Sign up for Caltrans Twitter www.twitter.com/caltrans8.

Use the Caltrans Quick Map at www.caltrans8.info.

Check traffic conditions at www.chp.ca.gov.

Call “511” for more road information.