‚Äč  Dr. Terrance Roberts    

       First Presbyterian Church Redlands    


A Ph.D., Dr. Terrance J. Roberts is one of the original Little Rock Nine, who desegregated Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957.  As a fifteen year old eleventh grader, he joined eight other friends. Terry and the eight students became one of the first nine students to go to a formerly segregated public high school in the Little Rock community.  

Dr Roberts will be the guest speaker at the First Presbyterian Church in Redlands, Sunday June 14th at 9:30 A.M.  

Member and Friend, Jan Pflaum shares: 

I believe it is so important that Dr. Terrance Roberts story be heard. Why? Because of his fascinating story, about how he plus eight other teenagers did the un-thinkable in desegregating an all white school in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Especially directed to All Teenagers, Terry’s message of how they knew that entering the school would be so dangerous; but they felt compelled to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and did it, anyway. 

The teenagers wanted an education, and I feel they wanted to make a statement regarding the fact that they were no different, only their color, they knew they had a definite dream.
We live in a time where the world can seem full of turmoil.  Young people can get confused about their future and the direction they may be going with their lives.

Reminding kids to have a dream and not allow others to sway us or get us off course of those dreams.  Have a mind-set and don’t be distracted.  Dr. Roberts challenges others to know as he knew, the price and that he was willing to stand up and pay the price for his dream.
The only person who can fail, is YOU!  The only person who can be a winner is YOU! 
 Be a winner! Follow your dreams!  Stand up for that which is good, right and honorable!  Be that winner that God intended you to be!

Jan invites guests to take the opportunity to attend and hear Dr. Roberts message; as well as welcomes everyone to a reception following the program. First Presbyterian Church located at 100 Cajon Street in Redlands. For more information, call the church 909 793-2839.