2019 Fall WINE WALK

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By Kristine Yoshida


Big Bear Valley Education Trust Mission- To create interactive and engaging educational opportunities to foster environmental stewardship and lifelong learning for students, community members, and visitors, using the unique resources of Big Bear Valley. 


Protect – Engage – Enjoy – Learn


The Big Bear Valley Education Corporation (Ed Trust) was founded in 2009 by community members who wanted to support and strengthen educational opportunities across the Valley.  During the recession, the community college classes offered at the High School were on the verge of being lost. In addition, Big Bear Valley’s younger residents in Pre-K through 12 were hit with budget cuts, increases in classroom sizes and a reduction in teachers.  With devastating cuts to funding and services unheard of since the Great Depression, it became obvious outside help was needed. With this in mind, the Big Bear Valley Education Corporation formed in 2009 to redefine our Community’s efforts in supporting Valley-wide educational opportunities for all residents.

The current Board has diverse backgrounds, each bringing unique perspectives to the organization:

Officers are Liz Harris, founder and past Chairman, Linda Ricchiuti, Chairman,  Linda Keller-Bulman, Co-Chair and Secretary, Kristine Yoshida, Treasurer and Wine Walk Volunteer Coordinator.


Board Members are Connie Friel, Fundraising Chair, Scott Eliason, member of the Pebble Plain committee, Tom Hunter, the Trusted Volunteer coordinator, Bennett Rossell, and Nancy Gonzalez, parent liaison.

With the generous donations of time, money and effort from members of Big Bear Valley, the Ed Trust has successfully implemented several major programs that directly impact students and teachers in the classroom. All of our programs make a unique community connection with community members, city agencies, and local businesses.  


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Ed Trust Signature Programs: 

Bear Tech is an alternative educational program whose concept includes science classrooms rooted in nature, place-based curriculum, and a collaborative teaching and learning environment. One of its goals is to get students out of the class room and into the environment where they will study and learn. This program is designed to create in young people an understanding of Bear Valley’s unique environment; get them outside enjoying this environment and create a generation of young people who will become stewards of all nature.


The Real World Project is designed to broaden the career perspectives of Juniors and Seniors at Big Bear High. The program brings professionals into the classroom, where students hear the unembellished stories of how these individuals came to make their career choices. These experiences are meant to introduce students to the different career paths beyond academia.


Trusted Volunteer Program focuses on recruiting volunteers from outside of the educational community, such as retired community members and other individuals that may not have a child in the school system. Volunteers can be found at all schools and grade levels to assist both teachers and students to enhance the learning experience.  


Pebble Plain Ecological Reserve The Education Trust is providing leadership in the establishment of a Pebble Plain Ecological Reserve in Moonridge.  They continue to protect this reserve through collaboration with the members of the Pebble Plain Committee.  This collaboration allows educating about the unique environmental occurrence called the Pebble Plain Ecosystem.  This geologic formation only occurs in Big Bear and Holcomb Valley and nowhere else in the world.



Because of your help in June, the the VBA donated over $3500 to the Ed Trust! 

This grant helps fund our place-based, community driven educational and environmental programs for our Valley's youth. 

To find out more about our programs, go to www.bearvalleyedtrust.org



The BIG BEAR VALLEY ED TRUST would love your help  

Saturday SEPTEMBER 14th! 

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Dr. Kristine Yoshida       


“Volunteering is an act of heroism on a grand scale. And it matters profoundly.

It does more than help people beat the odds; it changes the odds.”


The relatively small board is not only all volunteers, but have full-time careers and responsibilities. This fact makes it difficult to adequately raise funds for our ongoing programs. Major funding comes on a regular basis by the Ed Trust providing the volunteer team for the Village Business Association’s Wine Walk in Summer and Fall. In exchange for volunteers for registration, store hosting, and security, Ed Trust receives a percentage of the proceeds from the Village Business Association Wine Walk events.


The VBA Fall Wine Walk, Saturday, September 14th is a creative social event that combines shopping with food and wine tasting, as attendees walk from merchant to merchant. The VBA Wine Walk is a growing social and economically stimulating event, which showcases the Village of Big Bear Lake, as a shopping destination to visitors and locals alike. 


BE A STORE HOST Saturday from 3:30 P.M. until 7:00 P.M. at one of the 22 amazing Village shops, socialize, pour wine, and help make sure guests don’t leave the store with alcohol in their glass still.



BE A REGISTRATION HOST from 2:00 P.M. until 5:30 P.M. Use a mobile app to check in the guests.  WE ARE IN NEED OF 3-4 REGISTRATION HOSTS!