Thursday April 9, 2015  ___ Because of a technical breakdown that caused Big Bear Lake NewsRoom much back-up of news and event announcements, that should have been published recently, some of the articles are currently posted, such as this one.

April’s Snow in the Mountains 

 Photo by Dave Stone, Big Bear Lake 

E T Russell ___ With the weather reports a week ago, of a snow storm hitting the mountain communities this past weekend, local agencies prepared to keep the roads safe for travelers. Certain road rules can be initiated in short notice, such as ‘chain requirements’ to remind residents as well as tourists, that there may be unexpected road conditions.  

Caltrans District 8 Terri Kasinga is the Chief, Public and Legislative Affairs and CHP Public Information Officer Juan Quintero, in short notice, teamed up to remind everyone that State Route 38, State Route 18, State Route 330 and State Route 173 of possible road conditions.

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