‚ÄčTeamwork = Success

TOUR of California  

  Course Marshall Coordinator, Phil Hamilton is prepared for May 15th.  Photo courtesy of MILLENER PRODUCTIONS  


E T Russell ____  Anticipation is building with the worker-bees of Big Bear Valley and will come to fruition Friday May 15th when AMGEN comes to town. Course Marshall Coordinator, Phil Hamilton has sharpened his coordination skills to have his team of approximately 150 volunteers as well informed and trained as much as possible.  

Wednesday April 29th volunteers from the community, with a few Valley visitors, who support the once again AMGEN TOUR of CALIFORNIA, met at the Northwoods Resort for a Volunteer Orientation.  The major task of the Course Marshall Coordinator is to strategically place his Tour Team at locations where they can assist parade watchers to observe the activities while ke eping it safe for everyone and at the same time not interfere with the riders as they pass by.  For a short time intersections, drive-ways and pathways will be closed on Friday May 15th morning. Course Marshall Volunteers will be stationed at 32 different specific locations in the Big Bear Lake vicinity.

The North Shore Drive in the Fawnskin will be closed during the event. That community has a good representation of Course Marshall Volunteers, who will also be stationed along the North Shore route. Most Valley residents plan ahead to do their errands and realize the inconvenience is temporary but is an advantage to our beautiful Big Bear Valley.  

If anyone wants to volunteer with Hamilton’s team, please send requests to Big Bear Lake NewsRoom at ETbigbear@gmail.com.

Residents have an opportunity to participate in making Beautiful Big Bear Valley shine to the World, watching AMGEN TOUR of CALIFORNIA!