Like-new Hospital Rooms

Bear Valley Community Healthcare District

LEFT to RIGHT:  Pam Scannell, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director; Helen Walsh, President BVCHD Foundation, Rotary; Janet Stevens-Moore, BVCHD Foundation member, Rotary; Ron Peavy, Rotary; Jim Miller, Rotary President; Karen Oliver, BVCHD Foundation; Dave Caretto, Rotary; BVCHD Foundation; Don Bremer, Rotary, Committee Co-Chairman; Raymond Hino, Rotary BVCHD CEO; Carol Bremer, Rotary Committee Co-Chairman; Barbara Willey, BVCHD Board Director.

“All our rooms are full!” Raymond Hino, Chief Executive Officer of the Bear Valley’s hospital, explained to representatives of the Big Bear Lake Rotary Club Foundation and the Bear Valley Community Healthcare District Foundation, Tuesday morning, October 7th. The hospital rooms, Hino was referring to were the three newly remodeled rooms funded by both foundations.

The rooms got more than a facelift, recently. Had the group had a chance to view them they would have seen: Totally all new bathrooms fixtures, Flooring replaced in bedrooms and bathrooms, Curtains and window treatment, Drywalls with head-wall units, New bedside tables, New cabinetry with closets, Re-skinned doors, and Flat-screen televisions.   

To commemorate the three remodeled rooms, Pam Scannell, Big Bear Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, conducted a ribbon-cutting. A special presentation of $30,000 check was handed to the Hospital CEO, the funds of which were raised at the first annual Rotary Valentine's Sweetheart Ball, that was held on February 14, 2014. Patients and the hospital staff of the Bear Valley Community Healthcare District are grateful for the renovation and the financial assistance that made the project successful.