Air Rescue 306 & 40-King Crews

Conduct Injured Hiker Rescue


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Saturday afternoon, July 13th, Kyle Jeefoong Chan hiked to the summit of Mount Baldy with friends. Upon their descending hike, at the 6,100' level, Chan sustained a leg injury and was unable to walk. The injured hiker, 23 year-old Chan realized he could walk no further and called 9-1-1 for help.


San Bernardino County Sheriff helicopter, 40King-1, responded and located Chan in a remote and rugged area of Mount Baldy. The Rescue Crew determined a hoist rescue would need to be conducted and requested the assistance of San Bernardino County Sheriff Air Rescue 306. 

Immediately, responding the location of the injured hiker incident, Air Rescue 306 lowered a Rescue Medic down to Chan.  The hiker was placed in a rescue harness and hoisted into the helicopter. Kyle Chan was then transported nearby to waiting medical personnel.


The San Bernardino County Sheriff reminds the public about the dangers of hiking in the local mountains. Without proper experience and preparation, this type of activity can lead to serious injury or death.  


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