Near El Dorado Fire Burn Scar


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Task Force Prevents Damage

October 26, 2021__ Over the past year, teams from San Bernardino County Fire (SBCoFD) have participated in a Multi-agency Flood Mitigation Task Force with the goal of preventing major damage to homes and property in Oak Glen and other areas near the El Dorado Fire burn scar. The flood mitigation taskforce includes members from SBCoFD, San Bernardino County Public Works, and CAL FIRE San Bernardino Unit.

In early 2021, the Mitigation Task Force deployed over 70 personnel across various agencies to prepare for potential flooding. Their mission was to remove trees, rocks and debris from Birch Creek to allow water from a major storm to flow freely through the creek. The project would decrease the chance for any blockage in the creek that would lead to flooding in the community. The taskforce was successful in removing approximately 500,000 lbs. of trees and debris over a 6-week period.

“Monday, October 25th, the atmospheric river that moved through San Bernardino brought heavy Chief Dan Munsey. “Their efforts were successful in protecting the community of Oak Glen from any major damage or loss of life. We are proud to serve alongside our cooperators in San Bernardino County to defend our residents and their property.” 

As more storms come through Fall and Winter, flooding near the El Dorado Fire burn scar remains a serious concern. Officials will continue to monitor and improve mitigation measures as needed. For El Dorado Fire/Apple Fire burn area information, including preparation, weather updates, road closures, and interactive maps, visit: 

San Bernardino County Fire encourages residents to prepare for floods before they occur. Get sandbag locations, prepare your home for floods, and learn how to safely evacuate in the event of a flood at:  


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