Fire Crews Rescue Dog

Swept Away to Storm Drain



San Bernardino Fire Battalion Chief/PIO Michael McClintock__     

Monday, January 16, 2023 afternoon, San Bernardino Fire Department Crews were dispatched to a public service call for a dog lost in a storm drain. 

Seamus, a one-year old Australian Shepard was swept away in a storm drain after running away from his owner on a walk. Before his Dog-Mom could grab him, he found his way into an adjacent flood control basin and began floating away in fast moving waters. The owners began searching when the dispatched crews join-in to assist.

SB County Firefighters also arrived in the area working to locate the Australian Shepard in the storm drain. While canvassing the area ME231 was flagged down by an employee at a RV facility on East Redlands Boulevard. The employee had heard a dog barking in the nearby channel and witnessed the dog floating down the channel. He followed Seamus and observed the dog had found a way out of the water into an access tube nearby. The Firefighters were flagged down and found Seamus in the tube staring back at them. Seamus, the Australian Shepard had traveled nearly a mile from when he entered the storm drain. He miraculously made it out of the fast-moving water and was stuck at the bottom of the tube.  

The firefighters quickly made access to Seamus, bringing him up the ladder to safety. After assessing the dog, he seemed uninjured and in good spirits. 

Upon investigating they found Seamus had a dog tag with an address and phone number in nearby Loma Linda. The crew took Seamus with them in the San Bernardino Fire engine, drying and warming him up on the way to his house.

Once arriving, the Firefighters made contact with Seamus’ worried owners and reunited the family back together. Seamus was equipped with both Apple Air-Tag and a conventional ID Tag which aided rescuers and owners in tracking the pup and reuniting them.     



 “While we would have loved to make Seamus a fire station pup, glad we could reunite the dog back with his owners.” commented the San Bernardino Fire Crew