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Important to: Travelers on

San Bernardino Mountain Roads


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Caltrans District 8 Public Information Officers: TERRI KASINGA, EMILY LEINEN, SHANE MASSOUD 


October 2018

Editor E T Russell and Photographer Richard Millener participated in an on-site operation with California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS)District 8, Maintenance Crews, during a major Scaling and Boulder Removal Project on State Route 18 Arctic Circle, near Big Bear Lake, California.  Editor Russell interviewed Engineers, Climbers and PIOs while Photographer Millener produced the video. 

Our viewers can witness the operation that is mandatory for preparing for another Winter-season (2018-2019) in the mountains.  We will be following with necessary temporary closures for maintenance, travel guides and precautions while traveling during the cold, snowy weather that is natural to mountain-life of the San Bernardinos. 


18_28652.jpg  California Highway Patrol Arrowhead (CHP) Arrowhead Regional Headquarters, Running Springs conducted the Complete Road Closures that were scheduled to allow safe maintenance work to thoroughly do the rock scaling operation.  


The large scale rock removal project with CALTRANS Geotechnical Engineering utilized a drone to assess the slopes during scaling. CALTRANS Climbing Instructors and crews of at least 35 experienced Climbers cleared the potential dangerous large boulders, small rock and debris from the steep mountains that in-case the heavily traveled road, the SR-18.  Residents of Big Bear Valley as well as, Winter visitors are treated to a panoramic view of the San Bernardino Valley while driving the 18; but to stay vigilant of the possibility of rockfall.  CALTRANS has maintained a Winter clearing and repair project previous to the Winter traffic that usually is dealing with snow and ice removal, too.   


We acknowledge those that performed a risky job of scaling the steep mountain slopes of State Route-18 from the Big Bear Lake Dam, to Snow Valley and to the Wall at the State Route 330.  Those courageous men and women (one Female Climber) worked under the direction of:   


Caltrans, Richard Rusnak, Geotechnical Engineer

Caltrans, Timothy Richard, Fawnskin Supervisor and Climbing Instructor,

Caltrans Climbing Crew and Drone Operator

Caltrans Public Affairs Chief, Terri Kasinga, Caltrans PIO, Shane Massoud, Caltrans PIO Emily Leinen 


Special Dedication to RICHARD MILLENER for his years of creative photography and service to the people and friends of the San Bernardino Mountains.  Regretfully, Richard 'The Photographer' passed away March 2019.  

Climbing Crews Scrape & Clear of Boulders







Big Bear Lake NewsRoom Editor E T Russell

Caltrans Chief Public Information Officer Terri Kasinga 

Photos & Video by Millener Productions 




CALTRANS Mission Statement:     

Provide a safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient

transportation system to enhance California's economy and livability.


Vision: A performance-driven, transparent and accountable organization

that values its people, resources and partners, and meets new

challenges through leadership, innovation and teamwork.