The Voice of Diane

Sloan Kubeja 


Diane Sloan Kubeja has been teaching voice in the Big Bear Valley for almost twenty years; creating and directing approximately sixty musical productions.  Since February of 2013, the Voice Studio of Diane Sloan Kubeja has proudly sent more than thirty Big Bear High School students to the Honors Performance Series at Carnegie Hall, a concert venue in Midtown Manhattan in New York City.    

Also, four Voice Studio Students have appeared on stage at the Sydney Opera House located in Sydney, Australia. 

Married for 28 years, Mark Charles and Diane Sloan Kubeja are parents to beautiful and talented daughter, Maggie Sloan Kubeja. A graduate of Big Bear High School, Maggie also a film studies major at Santa Barbara City College, has her Bachelor of Music degree.   

Diane Sloan Kubeja, has a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Northern Iowa and a Masters of Music in Opera Performance & Literature from Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY.      

While a resident of Los Angeles for 14 years and Diane performed in the movie, television, commercials and restaurant entertainment industry; as well as in a national tour ending with a cruise to Bermuda as a part of their entertainment core. The young family moved to the Big Bear Valley when Maggie was four-months old, thus the beginning of her teaching career. 

Diane Sloan Kubeja has been a NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) member and vocal adjudicator, since 2011. She also served as the NATS, Las Vegas Chapter Treasurer for five years. Her students have been participating in the NATS Student Auditions twice a year in the last nine years; some winning Chapter and Regional Divisions and moving into the YouTube rounds of competition.

Hundreds of Kubeja’s voice students within the Big Bear Valley, California have competed and placed in local and regional vocal competitions. She feels honored and grateful to have worked so long in the Big Bear Valley with such diligent and talented students. 

We the parents and residents, plus her many voice students, here in the small San Bernardino Mountain communities feel honored to have the expertise of the talents of beautiful Diane Sloan Kubeja as our neighbor, too. 

By E T Russell

November 2021   

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