‚ÄčEl Dorado Fire  

Oak GlenMountain Home VillageForest FallsNorth Bench Yucaipa,

State Route 38, Yucaipa Blvd, East Bryant



Update: September 6, 2020, 5:00 P.M. 

4:17 P.M. updated evacuation order for Yucaipa: north of Yucaipa Blvd and east of Bryant. Please use caution and leave the area.

Units responding: DIV 3  E338  E339   E50   E51   H22z   HT  3HT   PT36   PT38   WT234   CALCOM   

(San Bernardino National Forest Service)  Additional Agencies: US Forest Service CalFire

Incident name:  EL DORADO FIRE

Sunday 10:00 A.M. approx size – 3010 acres 

Firefighters 550

Evacuation orders Sept 6, 2020 at 4:00 P.M. 

Mandatory orders for all residents north of Carter St., east & west of Bryant.

Please follow the directions and calmly leave the area. Evacuations remain in effect for Mountain Home Village, Forest Falls and North Bench Yucaipa and Oak Glen. 




Start Date: 9/05/2020

Location: Oak Glen/West Yucaipa in

San Bernardino County CA


Size: 3010 acres

Percent containment:  5%

Cause: Human-caused, under investigation


Assigned Resources:

Hand Crews: 10

Helicopters: 4

Engines: 60

Fixed Wing: 3

Dozers: 10

Water Tenders: 10

Total Personnel: 527


Current Conditions:

The El Dorado Fire started Saturday September 5, 2020 at approximately 10:20 A.M. at the El Dorado Bike Park, near Oak Glen Road.  Due to very dry vegetation, very steep terrain and very hot weather, the fire has been extremely active. The fire is burning up the south side Yucaipa Ridge above the communities of Oak Glen and the North Bench area of Yucaipa. It has crested Yucaipa Ridge and is burning on the north slope towards the communities of Mountain Home Village and Forest Falls. Due to this steep ridgeline terrain, one main mode of fire spread is rollouts. These are fallen burning trees rolling down hill and igniting vegetation that burns back upslope. Rollouts are an especially dangerous situation for firefighters.   

Sunday September 6th is the peak day of heat over the Labor Day weekend. Winds are light, 2 to 5 with gusts of 12 today and relative humidity is very low at 10%. Fire crews are doing structure protection in the communities and using retardant and water drops to build line around the fire.  

Residents, please heed evacuation warnings and holiday travelers, please stay out of the fire area. Due to the number of fires across California and the West, firefighting resources are in short supply although all fire agencies involved have increased staffing to support firefighting efforts. We need to keep the firefighters we do have focused on firefighting and not on managing people.  

As of this morning, CIIMT 11, a Type 2 Incident Management Team, is managing the El Dorado Fire for the San Bernardino National Forest in unified command with the City of Yucaipa, San Bernardino County Fire, Cal Fire BDU, San Bernardino County Sheriffs and California Highway Patrol.


CLOSURES AND EVACUATIONS:  (Holiday travelers, please note!)


• State Route 38:   Northbound SR-38 is closed at Bryant Ave. and Southbound SR-38 is closed at the town of Angelus Oaks. 

• Oak Glen Road:  Closed at Pine Bench Rd on the east and Cherry Croft/Jefferson on the west.



Evacuation OrderOak Glen (partial, see road closures), Mountain Home VillageForest Falls and North Bench Yucaipa (north of Carter St to SR-38 and both sides of Bryant St east & west).



- San Gorgonio Wilderness trails and trailheads: Vivian Creek, Momyer, San Bernardino Peak
- Other Trails: Big Falls, Oak Glen Divide, Wilson Creek
- Picnic Areas: Falls and Thurman Flats
- General Areas: Yucaipa Ridge, Mill Creek drainage and off-trail areas of the San Gorgonio Wilderness south of the San Bernardino Peak Divide Trail



- Thomas Hunting Ground YP

- 1N12, 1S12, 1S13, 1S03

- All of San Gorgonio Wilderness, trails, trailheads and associated parking lot roads EXCEPT for the PCT

- Santa Ana River Trail b/w 1S14 and Middle Control Road 



                          Public Information:

                                San Bernardino National Forest:

                                Phone: (909) 383-5688

                                     Twitter  twitter.com/SanBernardio_NF

Incident Website: www.fs.usda.gov/sbnf

Facebook:   facebook.com/SanBernardinoNF