U.S. Representative  OBERNOLTE

Earns Key Positions 

Natural Resources, Budget, Science,

Space & Technology Committees

Washington D.C.___ U.S. Representative Jay Obernolte (R - Hesperia) was awarded positions on the U.S. House of Representatives Committees on Natural Resources, Budget, and Science, Space and Technology this week, in addition to his leadership role as the freshman class representative to the House Republican Policy Committee. As a member of these committees, Congressman Obernolte will be in a unique position to defend the vast public lands that make up California’s 8th District, control federal spending, and take on major issues such as technology policy reform and digital privacy.  

“Our country needs common-sense policies that will support our communities, protect our liberties, and help our economy to grow,” said Rep. Obernolte. “These committees provide a unique opportunity to fight for issues that impact the future of our nation and our lives in the High Desert, Eastern Sierras and Inland Empire. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure our voices are heard.” 

California’s 8th Congressional District boasts over 7,831 square miles of national park land and sits in close proximity to the hub of America’s burgeoning space industry. The district’s vast natural resources form the heart of its economy with countless jobs relying on industries from mining to tourism.

Representative Jay Obernolte has demonstrated a passion for standing up for American taxpayers, supporting small businesses, improving the quality of life for veterans, and defending our freedoms and our communities. His unique experiences as a business owner, local mayor and state legislator will help shape major policies tackled by these committees in the coming years.