…. has been a work in progress for JAY OBERNOLTE and Family. From the early days when Heather and Jay brought their young two sons, Hale and Troy to make their home in the San Bernardino Mountains community of Big Bear Lake, California.  The family’s history, the road to success has been a consistent unfolding of ‘doing the best they knew how’ and always with an open mind to learning ‘how-to’ do better.  The Obernolte’s have incorporated good friendships, as well as, exploring lifestyles and techniques from California to foreign lands, in their life’s journey.  Jay shares the story with many of how his exploration of technology began in his college dorm and its advancement to software development company, that has gone world-wide. 

Where did Jay Obernolte come from and where is he going?!  In their early days, both Heather and Jay became pilots.  And for Jay, that knowledge of aircraft boosted him to be on the Big Bear Airport Board of Directors. He became more interested in public service and was elected to be a Councilman, advancing to Mayor Obernolte for the City of Big Bear Lake. From city government Jay progressed to serving his third term as Assemblyman Obernolte, representing the 33rd Assembly District. The potential of becoming a congressional representative, sense Congressman Paul Cook announced his retirement, has become a reality.  The Assemblyman’s District includes over 65% of the 8th Congressional District’s voters. 

There are many successes as well as learning curves, in the Obernolte’s story, that we could repeat here; instead we’ll refer you to explore the website: http://www.ElectJay.com   Also, you can explore many news articles on this website, that have been posted since 2014.  http://www.bigbearlake.net/ETNews 

 We’re asking for Your Vote for OBERNOLTE to CONGRESS! 

 Advancing to the present to the Jay Obernolte of today…  OBERNOLTE is going for Congress!  For months the Obernolte’s, friends, teams, staff have devoted to getting more acquainted with their constituents and new friends and neighbors; who matter to Jay as their representative.  

Here are some of the many images of events and visits the Obernolte’s have made recently in Apple Valley, Hesperia, Baker, Highland, Big Bear Valley neighborhoods and other communities in the Congressional District.