More Hungry, LESS Food


Friday, April 17, 2020__ Big Bear Lake, CA__ 

At the Moonridge Road triangle, south of Captains Anchorage and behind Walgreens, Believers Chapel, a place of worship that has become a place of warmth and friendship to many when in need of supplies and food.  Recently, the familiar meeting place, a receiving and distributing of food to many Big Bear Valley families, takes place at least twice a week since the March COVID-19 outbreak.    

Pastor Eric and Lyn Hoerger, along with dedicated volunteers, work tediously every week to travel off the mountain, pick up food in bulk, cases, and cartons; then return to service the Food Bank. The food loads are proportioned into individual and family portions and repacked to distribute as recipients arrive. This past month, in respect of the social distancing rule, cars line up early Thursday mornings for the No Questions Asked food packages; handed-out by workers fully garbed in protective gear, masks and rubber gloves.  The receiving vehicles usually have a driver with an occasional passenger. Most of those receiving are grateful for the food offerings and respectful of having to adjust to a hopefully, temporary lifestyle.      

Since the Government Orders: Close Businesses, Social Distancing, Stay Home rules; the Food Bank at Believers Chapel in Big Bear Lake has seen a greater demand for food than ever previously. Pastor Eric notes that the number of families(4) requests, rather than individuals has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The first week of March, the local Food Bank received 2600 pounds of food, with NO MEATS or CHEESE of any kind. The just-opened for the season, Farmers Market located at the Convention Center at Big Bear Lake, was an opportunity for Pastor Eric’s Team to give-away spaghetti noodles, pasta, cans of pinto beans, and stewed tomatoes, no meat or cheese. The Pastor says they will set-up at the Farmers Market each Tuesday.    

Last Thursday, the Food Bank drive-thru serviced 285 families a total of 1044 people, in cars lining up as early as 9:00 A.M.  Until after 3:00 P.M, the vehicles continued arriving, at times lining up into the street, up to six cars before they could get in the driveway.   

The Sunday Worship Service, with Pastor Eric is available to the public on Facebook/bb at 10:30. A.M.  After the morning service, the Sunday Food Bank will open at 12:00 Noon.  


The Food Bank depends on financial donations and is in great need to continue serving the increase of families since the COVID-19 outbreak. Two major sources: Feeding America in Riverside, and the local Vons, helps, greatly. “Recently, Feeding America has been stretched and we haven’t been able to get meat”, comments Pastor Eric.  

Perhaps someone, when shopping at Cosco would graciously purchase a box or more of meat items such as chicken, hamburger, or hotdogs, that would be as good as cash.   

Others have contributed to the funds, by donating through the Believers Chapel Facebook and website, as well as mailing to: P.O. Box 2265, Big Bear City, CA 92314

Big Bear Believers Chapel

42180 Moonridge Road

Big Bear Lake, California   


Written by E T Russell, 04-2020